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Internationale Tagung „City Resilience MSA 2020“ || 10. – 11.10.2020 in Kairo 

All cities are vulnerable to severe impacts from a range of shocks and stresses that can be both natural and human made. Resilience challenges could be a result of rapid urbanization, climate change, political or economical instability. Resilience is the ability of urban systems to maintain continuity through all pressures and strains while positively adapting and transforming towards sustainability. A resilient city assesses, plans and acts to prepare to absorb, respond to and recover from all hazards, either sudden or slow-onset, expected or unexpected while maintaining its essential functions, structures and identity and adapting to continual changes. Consequently, resilient cities have the ability to protect and enhance people’s lives, secure development gains, foster an investible environment, and drive positive change. Unplanned cities are more vulnerable to shock as they often have pre-existing stresses. In cities that are not prepared or unable to recover, shocks can intensify existing stresses and create a flow of negative impact that compromise city functionality and put people at risk. The fundamental aspect is how cities should protect their cultural and natural heritage to adapt to climate change without losing their identity.


This conference will be a chance to find new solutions and innovations in the resilient urban systems. These creative inventions can be a motive to dynamic, desirable and healthy communities. “The Path to City Resilience” conference is a fertile ground for architects, engineers, city planners, social and political scientists who able to consider new concepts and adapt them according to technological innovations and human desires.


Keynote: „Mapping and assessing green infrastructure for sustainable planning“